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Is your furnace prepared?

by Howell Heating on 11/11/15

Is it already that time of year again? The chill in the air says yes. Summer has ended here in MN and with it comes concerns about keeping homes warm during the fall and into the deep freeze. If you haven't given much consideration to your home's furnace over the summer -and you likely haven't- now is the time to ask yourself if the furnace is prepared to handle the cold days that will arrive soon.

The best way to know if your heating system can tackle another winter is to schedule maintenance. Our professional technicians will inspect your furnace to locate any repair needs that you should have taken care of before the chilly weather arrives. Don't delay with furnace repairs, since a sudden cold snap could strike and leave you in a freezing house.

Some common repairs your furnace may need:

Cleaning the burner - If you have a gas furnace, the burner is the component where the gas jets ignite to raise the temperature. If the burner has developed dirt and grime across it during the summer rest period, it will struggle to draw oxygen and ignite. Technicians can remove the burner and clean it off so it runs at its best.

Replacing a malfunctioning igniter - Pilot lights are becoming less common for furnaces, and they instead use electronic ignition to start. If this igniter fails, the furnace's burners will not activate. During maintenance, a technician will check that the igniter is working and inform you if you need to schedule a replacement.

Repairing the blower motor - If you also have an air conditioner, it likely uses the same blower fan to distribute air as the furnace. The motor can start to wear down and lose lubrication over the summer, or dirt along its moving parts can create strain. If you begin to hear  shrieking noises from the AC, you may also have a problem for your furnace; schedule a maintenance session and whatever repair work you may need.

Replacing broken heating elements - For electric furnaces, the heating elements are the critical part of creating warmth. If one or more the heating elements burns out, the furnace will lose its heating capacity. Technician can easily replace the broken heating elements.

When you sign up for our Preferred Plan Maintenance at Howell Heating, you will receive two yearly inspections and tune-ups: one for your heater and one for your AC for only $169 a year.  You'll also receive 10% to 15% off any HVAC service or repair and preferred scheduling, so you'll always have the heating repair that you need to stay warm through to spring. Call today at 651-398-1100 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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