Howell Heating offers quality furnace and air conditioner repair service at affordable up-front prices. 

We have certified technicians to service most makes and models of furnace and air conditioners such as Lennox, Trane, Carrier and Goodman, to name just a few. In addition, we offer our customers tune up and safety checks and installation.

All heating and cooling repairs are performed by professional technicians who are fully trained and certified. We utilize the latest diagnostic technologies to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and offer the right solution. 

G61 Lennox Furnace
Did You Know? Most cooling system failures are caused by low freon charges, plugged filters and forgetting to replace the batteries in your thermostat. (All of which can be avoided by routine maintanance.)
Howell Heating recommends using a professional trained HVAC service tech for all HVAC problems. The information below is general information and is in now way a substitute for a service call. Howell Heating is not responsible for any damage to your equipment based on advise given here. Please use caution  

Outside Unit Frozen Up?
It’s a bizarre, yet common sight. Needless to say, it is abnormal for ice to form on an air conditioner, and it is certainly cause for concern. Several common problems can cause air conditioner freeze-ups:
Insufficient Air Flow: Dirty air filters; collapsed, obstructed and undersized ducts; damaged blower motors; dirt build-up on the evaporator coil – all can seriously impede air flow.
Problems With The System’s Refrigeration: Refrigerant leaks or low levels of refrigerant can cause pressure drops in the air conditioner’s evaporator coil, which will allow moisture in the air to freeze and accumulate on the coil.
Outdoor Temperature: Most outdoor air conditioning units do not function well in temperatures below 60 degrees F. If night-time temperatures are too low, the system will not operate properly and freeze-ups can occur.

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A/C Not Cooling House?
There are many reasons a central air could loose capacity. First would be a dirty condensor. (the unit outside) Yard debris ectra...can clog the fins of the condensor and make it have to work a lot harder. Second, the unit could be low on refrigerant. If that is the case the suction line (the big insulated copper line) will start to freeze up outside by the unit (if ran long enough). This too would require a service tech.

Third, check your furnace filters. This is something that should be replaced monthly.

Fourth, make sure ALL vents in the house are open. Even if you have a bedroom that no one uses. The heating/cooling system is designed to cool the whole house. Make sure furniture and rugs are not blocking any of the vents.

Fifth, it could be that the compressor is becoming weak. When this happens, high pressure will leak into the low pressure side of the air conditioner, causing the temperatures to rise. This will require a new compressor or new condensing unit.

Basically, if it is more than dirty air filters, your best bet would be to have us out to look your system over.

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Can I buy freon from you and install it myself?
No. It takes special equipment used under pressure to install. It also requires knowledge of HVAC to do as well as an E.P.A. License to buy and use freon. We can not and will not sell to the public.

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Furnace blowing cold air?
Gas furnaces are notorious for blowing cool air, but in many cases, that's ok. Are your rooms cold, is the heat setting on the thermostat being met? Modern, high efficiency furnaces heat differently than the old heating oil variety. If your rooms are at the temperature that you set on the thermostat, there's nothing wrong. If you set the thermostat for 70 degrees and your room is not reaching 70 degrees, then there may be a problem. If you set to 70 and the room is 70 degrees, but the furnace is blowing cool air, you probably have a hight efficiency furnace, and that's normal. 

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Pilot Light
If the pilot light will not stay lit, that is when you have stopped pushing down on the pilot light button, and then the pilot light goes out, then the issue is a faulty thermocouple.  It will need to be replaced and is a more complicated procedure with special tools involved. We strongly suggest you hire a furnace technician for this work.

Now if the pilot light will not start at all, even when the pilot light button is being held down, then there is likely a problem with the gas getting to the furnace. It could be as simple as a bubble of air in the line.  If this is the case and you hold down the pilot light long enough it should bleed the air bubble out.  The challenge is that it’s hard to know if the issue is an air bubble.  The problem could also be a damaged supply line and you will definitely want to work with a professional for this problem. 

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